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2008 - Arrival

20th November, 2008.

The 2 door shell arrived.

VW Golf Mk1 shell


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2008 - Donor Car

One two door, very rusty, Mk1 that will be donating panels to the race car project.


VW Golf Mk1


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2010 - Wiper Conversion

Picked up a Scirocco Storm single wiper kit. Converted a Mk1 wiper bracket to suit.

VW Scirocco storm wiper


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2010 - Removing Paint From The Shell

The body shell was taken to be acid dipped, a process which boils away paint, tar, glue and other non metal products.


Paint removal


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2010 - Welding The Shell

We tackled the passenger side floor. Not a trivial task. I took out the seat mounts as I'll be welding in lower ones for the race seats. There's three separate patches around the base of the A pillar all of which need replacing as well as the entire floor and part of the sill.

We got the floor in on Saturday, it was a very big job and took all day. I finished up a couple more rust repairs too. Sunday I finished off some of the welding, cut in a few new pieces here and there.

Couldn't leave it in bare metal any longer and it's booked in for a roll cage in a week so it had to get etch primed at the least.

Major wash down with phosphoric, water then prepsol before blowing a light coat of etch over it.

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2010 - Preparing The Shell For The Race Cage

Started bolting in the basics to make it roll.

Cleaned up a steering box and column.

Going to have to box out a recess for the pedal box to slide forward.

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2010 - The Roll Cage Installed

I wanted to keep it all as light as possible which is why the single diagonals in the roof, hoop and rear stays.

Weight is also the reason for the driver side getting full double intrusion bars and the passenger side is a basic single bar.

It's a single occupant setup for track work, you'd use a more comprehensive setup for rallying.

The boxes that the rear hoop is sitting on have a compression member inside them to prevent that box from being crushed in an accident.

It's an interesting science, all the pieces of the cage do different things, some parts are for safety, some are for rigidity and the main function of the rear horizontal bar is to hold the seatbelts up.

Made and installed by Brown Davis in Bayswater.

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2011 - Rust Repairs to the Shell

The golf is back up on the rotisserie now and the suspension is back out. Just getting back into some rust repairs now.

First up is a tricky bit, firewall. There's actually 3 panels that meet at the seam across the firewall.

The lowest of the panels is the main bulkhead which has an upturned flange on which the next two panels sit. The bulkhead panel is quite thick being a structural member of the car.

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2011 - Filling In Holes

Slowly working my way across the fire wall plugging up holes. Everything will be exposed because it's a race car and there's nothing to hide it under. Brake lines will exit the cabin through the stock holes, remembering that the master cylinder will be inside the cabin. The line to the rear will travel along the tunnel and split in the centre of the car to each side.

Fluid reservoirs will be up in the rain tray area in front of the driver and have braided lines coming down inside the firewall to the pedal box.

Lines will be secured to the body using P clips with rubber inserts and sealed rivets. Fuel line to remain under car but will be new pipe of suitable diameter.

Wiring will go wherever it has to. I'll be making the loom from scratch and keeping the weight down. The only lights on the car will will brake lights and a rain light so all of that will wiring will be minimal. I'm thinking I can can keep weight and complexity down if I go for a digital dash rather than individual instruments. In any case my wiring skills are above average so I don't anticipate any issues. I've wired up much more complicated stuff.

The spare wheel filler will probably be glued in if I use a fibreglass panel for that.

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